More Poems Inspired by Edward Hopper


Midnight Coffee

Sweet and creamy

A bitter delight

Amidst the night



When the sunlight basks my little hearth

It fills my weary soul

With a shimmer of hope

And as rays illume my room with warmth

I arise anew ; reborn once more



Twilight before sunlight

The early morning

Cosy and eerie

Rises to greet

A world silent and still



Evening falls but my

Day has just begun, for

I have the night shift, and

Whilst the world lumbers to

Slumber, dream and sleep

I work in blissful peace

To the tune of chirping

Crickets and cool breezes

Softly ruffling the leaves



Her fair form adrift in reverie

A wealful delight for my eyes

Though my gazes are as deep as

Her musings and daydreams

I hide them along with all my stoic yearnings

In the shades of the gleaming light


All poems released into Public Domain

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