Poem About Buddhist Light Offerings

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.01.44 PM.png

Flicker, flicker

Little lamp

Shining bright

Offering light

Golden glow

Guiding souls

From woe to weal

And foe to friend

From dark to light

And low to high !

Poem released into Public Domain


The Buddha Listed the Following 10 Benefits as the Karmic Reward of Lighting Lamp Offerings in Front of Buddha Images, Sutras and Holy Objects :

One receives great enjoyment of wealth.
One becomes like the light of the world.
One achieves clairvoyance of the pure eye as a human.
One is reborn as a deva or as a human.
One achieves the devas’ eye.
One achieves the wisdom to discriminate virtue from non-virtue.
One is able to eliminate the concept of inherent existence.
One receives the illumination of wisdom.
One quickly becomes liberated.
One quickly attains enlightenment.

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