Prose Poetry set to Grimshaw’s Shipping on the Clyde

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 1.17.06 PM.png

This ancient windswept land, this venerable city, forged in sea trade and tempered by age. A bosom of art, and mother of merchant pioneers, poets and painters. A shadowy shimmering pearl adorning the edge of the silver sea. Within its dreamy docks and stately streets, emanates an unseen warmness in the bleak coldness, a cosy brightness beneath the glooming louring clouds. Home to a quiet people with stoic features and keen minds, old lineages and cultured brilliance, blissfully adrift in the weal and bounty of Poseidon. Thus, whenever thy ship sails by, be sure to set foot upon its piers and prosperous promenade, saunter in its glass covered groves, taste the delicacies of the salty sea, waltz within the annual masked ball, and delight in a harpsichord’s tune at the marbled conservatory hall.

Poem released into Public Domain 

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