Prose Poem: Loyal or Ingrate?


An ugly contraption, but you didn’t mind ; a temporary solution of the permanent kind. It served you well in those hard years when you were most unwell, when you needed utility more than beauty, economies more than luxury, and loyalty more than the flattery of perfumed orators.

But now that the barren desert has been crossed, and new shiny things vie to seduce and usurp, will you forget your roots and the old that gave you fruit? Will you join the vast ranks of rakish ingrates, or will you prove loyal and true, and hold onto the hand of a wilting friend?

Poem released into Public Domain


Poem inspired by the Taoist Treatise of Response and Retribution moral maxim that warns against Forgetting the Old Once Getting the New  (offense 58, page 13).

The Treatise also teaches that based on the severity of the offense, the offender will be punished by Heaven by having either a period(s) of 3 months or 12 years shaved off his lifespan and accompanying misfortunes (i.e. legal, disasters, illness etc.). Likewise, virtue will lead to an increase of lifespan (by periods of 100 days or 12 years) and various blessings such as wealth, health and prosperity etc.

Public Domain translation with commentary of the Treatise of Response and Retribution:

Public Domain 2017 Liturgy Version of the Treatise of the Illustrious Sage on Response and Retribution

It is highly recommended that all daily recite this liturgy version of the Treatise. Doing so will eradicate evil karma and draw in a myriad of blessings.

5 thoughts on “Prose Poem: Loyal or Ingrate?

    1. Lol, but I think you’ll be fine. I read on a review of your cafe (
      that you served vegan meals. That is meritorious conduct right there. For instance, I read in a Dhama book that an ancient Chinese local official once had his lifespan increased by several 12 year periods just by exhorting the community to refrain from beef (killing cows is a serious karmic transgression).

      Plus, there is also strong evidence that the Bible actually supports protecting animal life but the teachings got twisted, see the evidence and my response here:

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      1. i didn’t even know this existed. i remember her, she was Malaysian, but lived in Korea. her friend was a Korean who had lived in India for years as an aid worker. it was a nice afternoon. i don’t do that menu any longer as it wasn’t popular with Koreans. i do a pasta menu now, but can still be made vegan if you are so inclined. i am vegetarian, i don’t feel the need to be vegan, i am not actually against killing animals, but i am at such industrial levels which put such a debilitating strain in the planet. if there were only butchers that sell fresh, sustainable meat, i may even eat it once in a while. i also don’t believe it is all that healthy. i never have health problems. it is a no brainer, such levels of meat consumption is silly.

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