Memento Mori: Twilight in Paradise


The lament of an evil man on the eve of death:

“It is twilight in paradise 
And the end of my idle life
Of lavish pleasure is nigh.
My dreams benighted,
Crumbling before my eyes,
I sorely regret frittering away
Those calm prosperous days
Of youth, wealth and peace 
On plunder and wicked deeds,
Wrathful violence and conspiracies,
On fraud, libel and charlatanry,
And slender courtesans who steal
Lascivious glances and feelings.
Now I stand before the abyss,
Old, withered and ready to slip
From my blissful mortal coil,
And into the infernal boiling oil.
Alas! I now rue my failure to do
Even a single upright deed!”

Poem released into Public Domain


I was inspired to write this poem by the excellent recent painting of the Eastern depiction of the Inferno (Diyu) by Upasaka Jiang Zi Yi.

A full annotated English captioned version (translated by of the scroll is available here: painting-scenes-of-hell

Kindly edited into the above PDF form by Upasaka Jim of the Dharma Talks Blog:

It is an excellent blog filled with profound insight that I recommend all visit.


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