The Importance of Yin Virtue

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A hundred types of fortune and thousands of blessings rain down and arrive by the cartloads to those who cultivate virtue and merit with sincerity, modesty and genuine selfless compassion!


In this post, I would like to recommend my free and Public Domain translation of the Taoist/Buddhist/Confucian scripture containing the teachings of the Lord Superior Wen Chang (Eastern Deity of Wisdom). It is a profound and short treatise that teaches important principles of cultivating good deeds and how to avoid common pitfalls such as generosity and narcissistic pride growing hand in hand. Apart from the translation, there are succinct commentary under relevant passages and edited historical accounts of these teachings in practice at the end. The text is below: Version (download pdf, kindle, daisy format etc.)

Moreover, here is a 2 page free and Public Domain pamphlet I wrote detailing passages from the Shurangama Sutra that address the importance of vegetarianism: Version

Animals are also sentient beings with profound spiritual potential, and even the Bible actually has strong arguments against eating meat (contrary to common thought), thus we should do our best to be humane whenever possible.

Lastly, as Lord Superior Wen Chang’s teachings stress interfaith harmony, I would like to recommend my free and Public Domain essay on the matter: Version


Post and poem released into Public Domain


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