Upasaka An Shi’s Discourse on Humane Living

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“I pity the clams in the basket,
who desperately yearn for moisture.
I pity the fish in the pot,
who are on the verge of asphyxiation.
When fish are gutted, they suffer immensely.
How could I do such a thing? “

-Song Dynasty Statesmen Su Tung Po

“If man does not harm the fauna, they would be free from fear.
They could be together like the luminous moon and the stars.”

– Ven Master Hong Yi

In this post, I would like to recommend my free and Public Domain translation of the eminent Qing era Upasaka Zhou An Shi’s famous FAQ scroll that points out the flaws of common arguments used to justify eating meat, and warns that chaos and war karma follows the shedding of animal blood:

Please read my free and Public Domain translation of the full text and discourse here:

Archive.org version (Download in PDF, Kindle, Daisy, plain text etc.)

This post, translated quotes and all post text/linked material are in the Public Domain

4 thoughts on “Upasaka An Shi’s Discourse on Humane Living

  1. i really wish people took note of this philosophy. i don’t see how it wouldn’t do us some good collectively if we even just staved off our appetites for flesh a little more. eat meat once or twice a week. but many are not satisfied with a meal unless they get flesh round their teeth. i don’t like being preachy as it simply doesn’t work, but it is clear that our appetites are doing us harm.

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    1. You raise good points, my father said that when he was young, they ate mostly vegetables and fruit was really cheap. Now, fruit has become a lot more expensive but meat is everywhere, produced in industrialized and inhumane conditions and laden with hormones and chemicals. This is simply not sustainable. Thus, I think that you are right to use a pasta menu for your cafe, since its either vegetarian or only has a little meat in the sauce.


      1. i think it is quite funny when people justify meat consumption on the premise that it is on account of meat that our brain gained mass, but it could be quite as conceivable that it was due to ever growing numbers in the populations that were blossoming, increasing in number, which led to more complicated relationships, which means greater need for a more skillful use of communication & to do that you’d need a bigger brain, which just might have developed to meet the needs of more complex forms of communication.

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