Requiem Hymn

By the Grace of Amitabha,
You shall transcend the Samsara,
This mantra is your Sila,
Your Samadhi, and your Prajna,
The shield that demons fear,
The call that all yearn to hear,
The sword that slices the Gordian knot
Of lustful desire and crushing fraught.
Thus, with one heart in Him seek,
Seek rebirth in Ultimate Bliss,
And save yourself from the abyss
Of the dismal infernal Naraka  
By resolving for with resolute faith
The profound Dharma of Amitabha,
His Forty Eight Vows and Grace! 
Dither not and seek in haste,
Leap high above cruel Dukkha,
Beyond evil karma and King Yama,
And become a Bodhisattva
Standing atop the lofty Lotus Dais
Beside Amita Tathagata,
Beside merciful Avalokitesvara,
And by the wise Mahathamaprata,
And at that time your mind will know
That you have always been Amitabha,
And your birthright is to enjoy,
Now and forever, the eternal delight
Of the Land of Sole and Lasting Light.

Poem released into Public Domain

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