Shepherding Strength and Redeeming Weakness


I wrote this short essay to express my idea that it is better for society to double down on improving each person’s unique natural strengths and talents than to waste time and money trying to make them patch up their fears or weaknesses.

PDF Version: specialization-over-standardization

Interactive Version


Post, essay, diagram and ending poem of essay released into Public Domain

2 thoughts on “Shepherding Strength and Redeeming Weakness

  1. This is a very interesting concept often missed in educational circles. Seems when we try to educate students all equally and in the same way we end up educating those who would probably learn even without a teacher and losing those who’s diverse talents could be trained for positive use in society.
    The concept of complimentary gifts is very good. Capitalizing on strengths of all will bring greater strength to the whole of society.
    Loved your diagram as well.
    Well written!

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