Lyrical Pure Land Hymn

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Seal: Cultivating the Sutras and Precepts is akin to a pauper entering paradise

O boundless the land
Built by Amida’s hand,
O splendrous the sky
Of his fair paradise,
A beauty to behold,
A wonder to enjoy,
An august afterlife
For the faithfully wise,

Gleaming with purple
And paved with gold,
Groves of lush trees
Of lapis lazuli leaves,
Sweet beryl berries,
And scented petals
Of agate and crystal,

A gleaming dominion
Of glowing pavilions,
Of lofty resplendence
And fragrant brilliance,
Pulling poor souls
Away from worldly woes
With a breeze of Bodhi
And blissful Samadhi!

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Note: If anyone is able, please adapt this poem with music. This poem has no copyright, so all may use it freely.

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