Blogger Recognition Award


A day ago, I was nominated by a kind blogging friend, Ena of the prettyplusandproud blog for the Blogger Recognition Award. I feel extremely honored and I thank her very much! Moreover, I commend her dedicated social advocacy.

The Rules of the Award are as Follows:

  1. Thank the blog who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show the award.
  3. Share the experience that prompted you to start blogging.
  4. Give a piece of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 other blogs and personally inform them of their nomination.

How Pure Land Sutras started:

I started translating Chinese Mahayana Pure Land Buddhist sutras in 2014 after realizing that many important  sutras and scriptures that I had long taken for granted were mostly unavailable in the West. What had begun as a project for a short tractate turned into a delightful three year odyssey of translations, essays, poems, discussions  and correspondence with new friends. All of my posts, articles, translations, poems and essays are free and in the Public Domain, and I encourage other authors to donate their works into the Public Domain as well. In October of last year, a Dharma friend encouraged me to start a blog to serve as a doorway to my translations, and that is how this blog started.

Advice to New Bloggers:

My advice is that one should give voice to those who deserve it most: People in need, worthy causes, small non profits and so forth. It does not matter if you receive only 1 follower or 10,000 followers, as long as a worthy thing is being said, great merit will result.

I Nominate:

I would like to thank all the visitors and followers who have shown my blog so much support since its inception, I am truly touched by your kindness!


Upasaka An Shi’s Discourse on Humane Living

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 12.54.10 PM.png

“I pity the clams in the basket,
who desperately yearn for moisture.
I pity the fish in the pot,
who are on the verge of asphyxiation.
When fish are gutted, they suffer immensely.
How could I do such a thing? “

-Song Dynasty Statesmen Su Tung Po

“If man does not harm the fauna, they would be free from fear.
They could be together like the luminous moon and the stars.”

– Ven Master Hong Yi

In this post, I would like to recommend my free and Public Domain translation of the eminent Qing era Upasaka Zhou An Shi’s famous FAQ scroll that points out the flaws of common arguments used to justify eating meat, and warns that chaos and war karma follows the shedding of animal blood:

Please read my free and Public Domain translation of the full text and discourse here: version (Download in PDF, Kindle, Daisy, plain text etc.)

This post, translated quotes and all post text/linked material are in the Public Domain