The Way to Pure Land

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Seal of the Infinite Life Buddha

The Way to Pure Land
Is well paved and straight,
Upon it gilded tiles are laid,
Adorned by halcyon lakes
And ponds of golden sand,
Shaded by ornate branches
Of silver, jade and crystal,
Whose sweet scented petals
Glide in the breeze and drift
Upon the waters—swirling
In graceful whirls and ripples,
Immersed in singing songbirds
Perched on amber arbors,
humming hymns of harmony
And the most soothing melody.


Chapter 14-17 of Upasaka Xia’s Infinite life Sutra (highly recommended)

Free Printable Calligraphy Poster Version: way-to-pure-land-art-poster

Poem, poster and post released into Public Domain