Second Recognition Award: You Nominate


This morning, I was nominated by my good friend Susie for my second Blogger Recognition Award. I am very honored by her confidence in my work, and I admire her dedication to family, charity and friends. Furthermore, I strongly recommend everyone to look through her blog of helpful product reviews.

The acceptance rules and my suggestions/answers remain the same as in my first award post, but I would like to do something different with my 15 nominations. In the Ming Dynasty era Sagely text, the Maxims of the Sages, it is said:

As even the yellow river will one day turn clear, why wouldn’t your time come?

-Maxims of the Sages

Thus, I want the nominations to be about giving daylight to those who deserve it most, especially those who have so far been toiling in anonymity.

I call upon anyone who sees this post to nominate someone they know (preferably someone who advocates compassion, ethics,awareness, conservation and charity) for this award on my behalf. Please do so in the comment section (and give a small description of the nominee), and then inform your nominee of their award so they can do the acceptance post.

Lastly, here is a Buddhist poem I wrote about the Samsara for your reading pleasure: Version

The poem is free and in the Public Domain.