Beagle Meets Amitabha!



Every sentient being has the Buddha-nature, and even pet dogs can become Buddhas through mindfulness of Amitabha’s name. Please read this heartwarming article of Micky’s Pure Land rebirth:


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13 thoughts on “Beagle Meets Amitabha!

  1. i don’t know what to say about this Brian, it is very much outside my capacity of understanding. all i can say, is that, as with all incomprehensible things that are nevertheless beneficial & beautiful, i hope that everything i think is wrong & that they are right, because if so, the implications for this world are immense & mean that all the pain & suffering is not for nothing, & that peace does eventually come to all at some point.

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    1. I think this is well within your capacity, and that you can do great things for your dog. Remember, we cannot fight age, and that dreaded day will come (the health scare and surgery is clearly an early warning). You are the right person, at the right place, at the right time, with the most suitable Dharma-door. You can help create future Buddhas. Amitabha promised entry for even beings in the three states of woe (animals, ghosts and infernal), thus, there is clearly a future in Pure Land for your dog.

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      1. yes but it isn’t so easy when you don’t believe in a Pure Land, but only accept the idea for others. i don’t believe in anything. i used to. but i just don’t see how it is possible with so many possible systems to believe, each with their own dogma, reasons, evidence etc. i love that man has devised so many systems, but to follow one, or even merge a number of them to personalize one for myself, seems odd. so i just hope i am wrong & that if divinity, Amitabha, God, Brahma is so wise, they will accept my not knowing, accept my enjoyment of human things & not judge me for it when i die. i don’t fear getting old or dying, it is inevitable & you can accept this without believing in anything.

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      2. The world is complex, that is true, but no other faith I know of offers so much to non humans. Since your dog will eventually pass, might as well give it a gamble that costs nothing at that time. And perhaps by sowing, you will reap the clarity you want. My philosophy is that: If its not outright evil or burdensome, try it.

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